"As founder and artistic director of the "Junge Schubertiade Wien"

I engaged Lina Ferencz for the JSW 21.

She made us sit up and take notice with her very interesting voice.

She changes from a soprano voice to the mezzo range with beautiful passagios, and her tone color thrilled me.

I don't want to put Lina into a suitable pigeonhole now but I judge her with "Lina sings and that very beautifully".

Her stage presence is suited to the subject, energetic and like the voice, erotic." 

Kurt Deutsch JSW  27. January 2022

"... Quand Lina Ferencz porte Dorabella avec la conviction d'une ligne de chant appliquée et portée par un souffle certain." 

Pierre Géraudie, Olyrix,  25.05 2022